Friday, September 17, 2010

Most Importantly...

I forgot the most important event of yesterday. It was the one-year anniversary of Z and I shaving our heads! As much as I enjoyed having no hair, it's nice to have back again. My hair now is the longest it's ever been in Africa, which isn't saying too much. I thought that washing it would be a pain, but in reality I just keep it tied back and away from my face. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to hair washing. You would be to if washing your hair meant crouching over a bucket and swirling your head around in a bucket half-full of questionable water. It's gross, like so many activities here. You should see the water I wash my dishes in...

Just now I'm waiting for another volunteer to come for a visit. We're going to work on a project at my site before heading off to Mid-Service Training in Pretoria next week. The fun never stops in Peace Corps!

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  1. Hi Kelsey, I just caught up with all of your entries. I enjoyed reading them so much. As you say, it sounds like lots of get-togethers but in between is work and long days at your site. You sure have ridden on a lot of animals and seen a lot of others. Sorry to hear about the dishwater ! Keep up your fascinating posts. kathy