Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bane of My Existence: World Map Project

Not long before I left for Pretoria for MST, I started working on the World Map Project at my site. I started by blocking out a 2 meter by 4 meter rectangle on the south exterior wall of the school library. I put up some masking tape and called it day one. Day two involved slapping up a ton of blue paint on a very uneven, two-tone surface with the help of a few primary school learners. That was the beginning of the end. We ran out of blue paint, for starters. Anyways, day 3 involved making a grid out of Bostik and dental floss. Each square is 7 cm by 7 cm. That worked out pretty well, but the wind was a tough adversary. Finally another volunteer arrived to help me draw in the countries in each box. We went through several pencils and plenty of erasers in about 18 hours of work. Then we left for training.

All this brings me up to today, when I began painting. It started out well, but rapidly devolved into chaos. The learners helping me managed to paint Greenland as part of Canada and lose the Gulf entirely to Saudi Arabia, among a multitude of smaller incidents. Recall that I'm out of blue paint. It's hot, frustrating and tiring work. I can't wait to be done soon!

For all of its faults up close, the map looks great from a distance!

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