Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Exhausted, but Alive

Once again, I have failed over a long period to update the blog. Once again, my apologies.

My mom came for a visit and wow! We squeezed in quite the South African holiday.

-went to Simon's Town to see "seals" and wound up going on house tours
-took a train journey cross-country
-drove in Jo'burg
-zoomed around the Pretoria Zoo
-observed an ostrich family
-hit a game park that was awesome and terrifying
-hung out in my village
-visited a beach town with one main attraction that we missed due to "rain"
-watched a musical production starring several of my Kuruman friends (You guys are amazing! The singing! The dancing! The costumes!)
-jumped off a mountain
-swam with sharks
-saw tons of birds and a few giant dogs
-realized that "professional surfer" is not a viable career option for me
-regretted my choice of university
-pat a cheetah
-admired plants hundred of years old
-visited some choice museums that are a bit off the beaten path
-almost never slept
-seemed to cheat death on a fairly regular basis
-looked for sheep, found an evil horse
-rode machines of torture
-got a few serious work-outs
-ate so much kingklip I never want to see it again
-discovered the wonder of snoek
-got trailed by a few dassies (rock hyraxes)
-drank hot chocolate at Cape Town's very own Alpine ski resort (wait, that was Table Mountain...)
-nearly met a tragic end due to adverse weather conditions at Cape Point
-enjoyed a tour guide who was practically incapable of uttering a verb that did not end in "ing"
-spent too much time aboard busses
-got in some excellent photoshoots
-went shopping (obviously)

And so much more, I'm tired just thinking about it!

Clearly, very little time was spent just lounging about and relaxing. Mom and I are practically professional tourists.

In other news, my right wrist has decided it's had enough with me and all the typing on my tiny phone, so I'm wearing a brace and trying to rest (hence the list instead of complete sentences).

Happy holidays! And thanks for the birthday wishes!