Friday, April 1, 2011


It rained. I earned multiple new blisters, one of which popped 6 km from the finish. When my friend was brutally attacked by the sidewalk, we became the walking wounded (she's fine, scraped and bloody, but okay). Even with all that, Longtom Marathon 2011 was a great success. I finished the race, and we raised almost $400 for a great cause!

KLM had their best year yet and over $20 000 was raised to support the learners at Uplands College by PCVs and even a few RPCVs. There were over sixty people participating in the Longtom/KLM event this year and meeting all the new-to-me people was definitely a highlight for me. Not so much of a highlight? The long trip there and back!

I've got a few posts up my sleeve in the next few days, but this weekend I plan to spend mostly curled up in bed, in recovery. Thanks for all the support!

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