Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pied Piper of Loopeng

After a long and cramped trip back from town, I often enjoy a long walk around the village to loosen up. Today I noticed a particularly beautiful South African sunset in the works, so I grabbed my camera before setting off for the best photographic vantage point in the village.

I walked out of my yard, greeted my neighbor at the gate, continued down the main road, greeted more people at the shops, turned to cross the bridge over the dried-up riverbed and greeted my usual taxi driver at the bottle shop. Suddenly I heard the roar of tiny footsteps. Before I could turn around, I was swarmed by a group of tiny children.

We walked together through the village and started out into the bush as the sun began to set. Yes, I led very small children into the wild bush in growing darkness. I had expected them to beat a hasty retreat as most people don't enjoy long walks in the wilderness out here, but the kids were so thrilled to be singing "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" they forgot their natural fear. They followed me blindly. It was cute, but I was praying that all the snakes and scorpions stayed home in their dens.

They did. We reached the top of the valley on the far side of the village. I snapped a few photos and then hurried everyone back down into the village proper, safe and sound. I might experiment with them next week. See how far they willingly follow me until their poor, tiny little bodies just give out. I'll report back.

In unrelated news, I really should be washing my hair now, but I'm not. It's 75 degrees. It's too cold. I know, I'm pathetic. I'm wearing jeans, socks, a sweater and a scarf. I'm cold. I really don't like "winter". I'm also seriously considering an investment in a hot water bottle or 12.

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  1. What are the normal daily temperatures in Loopeng?