Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do You Know What It Feels Like?

Let's play a game. Based on the content of this post, what song does this blog title reference? Ready? Set? Go!

Today was a day just like any other, until a colleague motioned for me to start following him. I did. We first went to the storage cloest, where he pulled out a box. From this box emerged a ping pong ball and two paddles. We started to play right then and there, as well as we could, in the middle of the storage closet. It did not work so well. We moved the operation to the *ulp* computer lab. There was a decent sized table only partially covered with books. Besides losing the ball under deska and between piles of wires occassionally, it worked pretty well. Still, a real playing surface would have been nice. We had paddles and balls, did we not have a table anywhere?

"It's broken. The learners broke it."

"Really? Can we fix it?"


We ended our game and trekked back to the storage closet and then to a classroom where two learners were recruited. The whole company trudged out to a tin shack in the back where the boys disappeared inside. Moments later, they reemerged, struggling under the weight of a ping-pong table.

They carried it over to an empty classroom, where we attempted to assemble it. The playing surface needed some serious cleaning, and the legs of the table needed to be propped up, but other than that it was fine. We wiped the dust off and set some sturdy rocks under the legs, and then, in the middle of the school day, it was game time.

Okay, we didn't actually keep score, we just volleyed as best we could, which was not particularly well. Still, it was a quite a bit of fun. I hope we can interest more people in the game. I wouldn't mind a bit of friendly competition at Moshaweng.

So there you are. Now, what classic American song have I had stuck in my head all day?

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