Friday, October 16, 2009

Snakes in the Schoolyard

Everyone told me that there were no snakes in the village. All the dangerous animals stayed out in the fields. I would never see them. Everyone was wrong. I was walking across the schoolyard one day last week, on my way back to the staff room after a geography class, when I saw some creature all coiled up in a patch of sunlight. I crept closer. It was a snake! Thankfully it was dead. Some learners had killed it earlier. After my careful inspection, the snake was removed from the schoolyard by a group of boys. Hopefully, this is the last post in my "Snakes" series!

In other news, I survived another week at site. I'm starting to fall into a routine. I get up early, drink tea, go to school, take notes, make suggestions, drink tea, marvel at some of the bizarre things that happen, walk home, chat with some learners, tutor others, drink tea, haul water, kill flies, sweep up, watch extraordinarily bad South Africa soap operas, drink more tea and finally, collapse. Then I do it all over again.

My life in South Africa isn't all that fun or exciting, so why am I still here? Well, there are occasional Peace Corps moments that make everything worthwhile. For instance, a neighbor came over to my house a few days ago for help with a 10th grade chemistry assignment. She brought her 2-year-old daughter. We chatted for a bit, and she said she wanted to be just like me and finish school. I really hope she is able to. That's what I'm here for!


  1. Hi Kelsey, Joan, Beth, Fran and I are reading your blog together and looking at your picture on facebook. You are having a great time!! Even if it seems mundane at times you are still soaking up a completely different culture and will remember it forever. I wish i did something like that. We have to go drink wine now !! Love, Kathy

  2. Hi Kelsey- We have snakes here in the States too. No big deal! Hey, love your hairdo!!! And what's with all the tea? Maybe you could do a commercial for Bigelow tea!!
    I was talking to a lady who was in the Peace Corp in the early 90's in Africa, one of islands off Madagascar. Then she trained new Peace Corp folks for 4 years and then she backpacked all over Europe. She has been to 45 countries in her life so far!! And of course, there is a couple from Amherst NH who are traveling to all 16 of the Amherst's in the US!! They have 1 more to go. A different kind of travel!! Love, FRAN