Monday, October 31, 2011

Out of the Woods

Just when I thought I had the whole "survival in Africa" thing figured out, I was felled once more by a violent and mysterious illness. It came straight out of nowhere, and laid me up in bed for two days, vomiting every few hours like clockwork. Don't worry, I'm better now. I'm not 100% yet, but I'm dressed, my teeth are brushed and I've kept down several crackers for most of the day. Anyway, while I was in throes of agony yesterday, I checked online to see what treatment advice the old interwebs had for me. Turns out, most people who post advice online don't live in a rural African village.

Ginger ale? Doesn't exist here.
Peppermint tea? Not available.
Toast? I don't own a toaster, or have any bread for that matter.

I made do with a package of stale crackers and water. It may not have helped speed my healing process, but I'm still alive and really looking forward to returning to a world where all manner of natural remedies are just a short drive down the road and I have friends and family willing to make the trip for me.

Right now I'm eating oatmeal and remembering how much I don't like it, who wants to fly over with some homemade chicken soup?

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